Veneers: The comprehensive guide of benefits and considerations

Many people assume that veneers are a luxury only available to celebrities and the wealthy. However, modern cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for anyone to achieve their dream smile. Before deciding on veneers, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the benefits, risks, and considerations to ensure the best possible outcome. Throughout this guide, we will demystify the concept of veneers, dispel common misconceptions, and offer valuable insights for individuals considering cosmetic dentistry.

What are veneers?

Veneers can be likened to custom-designed covers for your teeth. Crafted from durable materials like porcelain or composite resin, these thin covers are adhered to the front surface of teeth to address common aesthetic concerns such as stains, gaps, or misalignment, resulting in a rejuvenated and aesthetically pleasing smile.

What are the benefits of choosing veneers?

Incredible results, instantly:

Veneers offer a natural and attractive enhancement to your smile, effectively addressing issues like discolouration and irregular spacing. With only a tiny amount of natural enamel filed away as preparation for the adhesive (it’s commonly believed you mist file away the majority of the tooth, which is incorrect), you retain most of your natural tooth and get a natural-looking result immediately.

Long-term durability:

With proper oral hygiene care, veneers provide a longer-term improvement to your smile. Depending on your chosen material, veneers can last between five and 15 years. Compared to other cosmetic dentistry options, veneers demonstrate great value but incur a higher upfront cost.

Straight-forward procedure, custom-designed:

Our refined approach ensures a comfortable experience during the veneer consultation and application process. Veneers are crafted according to the specifications determined in a smile design appointment with one of our expert team. Once you’ve ‘tried on’ a mock-up of your new look and approved the aesthetic, your veneers are ready to go. Our dentists apply local anaesthetics during the preparation stage simply to reduce discomfort; however, if you struggle with dental anxiety, we specialise in providing solutions to make you feel at ease. Just let us know during your consultation and read more about your options. 



Things to consider when deciding on veneers

They won’t fix significant damage:

It’s important to remember that veneers are used to correct minor, aesthetic issues with your teeth. You may be better with an orthodontic solution like braces or Invisalign if you have significant gaps. If you have structural damage like breakage or decay, a different cosmetic option, like crowns or implants, might be necessary. Our friendly team will advise you on the most effective option for your concerns.

Not for grinders or nail-biters:

Whilst incredibly strong, veneers can still crack and chip, particularly as they age. If you grind your teeth, chew your nails or even play a high-impact contact sport, you are far more likely to damage them, meaning you’ll require repairs and maintenance to the veneers, increasing your overall cost.

Talk to us

An appointment with one of our friendly dentists is the best way to design your dream smile. Whether it’s veneers, teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry solutions, our expert team will consider your needs and oral health to create the roadmap to your perfect smile. 

For more information on types of veneers, before and after photos and other types of cosmetic dentistry, visit our blog. If you are ready to start the journey to your dream smile, call North Sydney Dental Practice and book an appointment with our expert team of dentists.


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