We believe in the cornerstone of technology and its use as a tool to provide the very best in diagnostics and clinical care. We are proud to provide the most up to date technology and comfort to ensure the best clinical outcomes


See the full picture: 3D Cone Beam CT Scanning

We have recently upgraded our imaging capabilities from 2D to 3D xray imaging in the form of an in house cone Beam CT. This scanning machine allows us to visualise and detect pathology in unparalleled ways as well as safely and accurately plan and execute implant surgery, advanced root canal treatments and wisdom tooth removal.

porcelain teeth Odin House Dental Surgery Innaloo


No more dental moulds: Same-day Crowns and CEREC scanning technology

We have embraced 3d scanning technology where dental impressions were once used. This ensures a more accurate way of recording the position of individual teeth for Invisalign treatment or for the fabrication of bespoke, long lasting ceramic dental restorations, which can be completed in a single visit through our in-house ceramic milling unit. All of our dentists are experienced CEREC users, meaning no more uncomfortable dental moulds and faster and more accurate crowns for you.


A picture says 1000 words: Intra-oral cameras

Intra oral cameras linked to our in surgery screens provide an invaluable tool for education allowing us to explain procedures and show you exactly what we are doing and why. After all, the first step in prevention is education and a picture says a 1000 words.


Enhanced healing: Platelet Rich Plasma

We are also qualified to take blood to use in our medical centrifuges to extract growth factors from platelet rich plasma to decrease pain and increase healing time in surgery and also for facial rejuvenation procedures.

These are just some of the examples of how we have embraced technology and remain on the forefront in order to provide top quality care and clinical outcomes for our patients.


Digital Smile Design – DSD

Digital Smile Design is revolutionary software that allows our dentists to design and deliver perfect treatment plan via utilising digital records (images and scans) and look at the mouth in a 3D view. The software can assist with multiple treatments whether it is Invisalign orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening or porcelain/ ceramic veneers.

The design is then used to communicate with our team of technicians, who transform the 2D design to a customised 3D model which allows our patients to try it on and test drive their new smile.


Dental monitoring

Short on time? Dental Monitoring provides our doctors with cutting edge software that allows you to scan your teeth at home using your mobile phone; we add a dash of Ai and we can keep an eye on and monitor your progress remotely.

This means less complicated scheduling and traveling to the dental office. We find that is especially useful tool for patients that are undergoing Invisalign orthodontic treatment.