CEREC – Same Day Crowns / Ceramic Onlays

Have you ever had a dental crown or large ceramic filling where you have to go back to the dentist not once but twice in order to have the crown fitted? This often requires a second injection not to mention the extra time needed to be in the chair. We know your time is important and the less time you spend in our chairs the better.


At NSDP we are proud to offer the advanced technology that is CEREC. Cerec is a process where by we prepare the tooth as required, scan the tooth at the same appointment using an intraoral scanner and then use advanced CAD-CAM software to design a bespoke crown/ onlay.

We have a milling unit within our practice which is sent the information and using a precision milling process we create a ceramic crown/onlay within minutes. This ceramic restoration is then bonded to the tooth and your definitive restoration is in place. All within usually 2 hours.

Cerec is a 100% porcelain system, gives long term aesthetic results and is biologically friendly. We often can save a large amount of tooth structure which would otherwise need to be removed for conventional crowns.

Cerec restorations are a great alternative to the often unsightly larger silver mercury fillings, cracked teeth or failing larger resin ( plastic ) restorations. With a long clinical documented history of success paired with the fact we have been using the system for over 15 years in our practice, we have seen the results and believe this is a great system for larger restorations.

Before and After Results

Below are "before and after" photos of our CEREC work, helping our patients by enhancing their appearance and dental health through general dental procedures.

Implant and Cerec BeforeImplant and Cerec After