Dental Crowns Sydney

At North Sydney Dental Practice we offer dental crowns and bridges to restore strength, cosmetics and function to damaged, broken, worn or unaesthetic teeth.


What is a Dental Crown

A dental crown is a small cap that fits over an existing tooth and can also act as a replacement tooth when attached to a dental implant or bridge.
Dental crowns cover the visible portion of the tooth and sit above the gum line. Dental crowns can be made using zirconia, porcelain or porcelain that is fused to gold. They are coloured to match your other teeth, and sometimes patients choose to professionally whiten their teeth prior to crown or bridge treatment to enhance the cosmetic effect.

Crowns may be indicated in the following cases:

  • To restore a broken or worn down tooth
  • To help protect a tooth that has been weakened (eg. from decay, defective fillings or cracks)
  • To restore a back tooth that has previously undergone root canal therapy
  • To restore a tooth that has minimal tooth structure (a filling may be present, but there is not enough tooth left to support the restoration)
  • To restore a dental implant
  • To hold a dental bridge securely in place
  • For cosmetic purposes; to cover a discoloured or misshaped tooth

How many visits will it take to place my crown?

Your dental crown treatment will usually take place over one or two appointments at your North Sydney Dentist, depending on whether it is a single visit CEREC crown or a laboratory made zirconia, porcelain or gold crown.

In the case of CEREC crowns, all of this can be done in the same appointment because we have the design and manufacturing facilities onsite. There is a short break of about half an hour in the middle of the appointment whilst we design and then mill your crown from a special block of porcelain. A great time to sit back and watch one of the movies from our large selection!

In the case of laboratory made crown, there are two appointments needed. During your first appointment your teeth are prepared and detailed impressions are taken so the crown can be precisely manufactured by one of our top ceramists. At North Sydney Dental Practice, we are committed to using Australian laboratories that produce material of the highest quality. This is ensures that you get the best results possible for long term function. At your second appointment, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and the crown is permanently bonded to your tooth.

Types of Dental Crowns available


CEREC stands for ‘ceramic reconstruction. Computer Aided Design (CAD) software allows your dentist to design every precise detail of your restoration as well as produce and fit it in a single appointment. This technology virtually eliminates repeat visits and temporary fillings or crowns. A CEREC restoration has another major benefit: it is unquestionably the most cost-effective long term, full coverage restoration service available today.



If you have had a previous crown that has chipped or have a broken tooth that is under a lot of pressure from opposing teeth, zirconia crowns may be the ideal material for you.

Zirconia is a very strong material and zirconia crowns are nearly unbreakable. Therefore, they are particularly well suited to those who clench and grind their teeth. Modern zirconia crowns have also evolved to produce fantastic aesthetics and can even be layered in aesthetic porcelain to give them a look that is so close to natural teeth that it is hard to tell the difference. With good preventative oral hygiene measures, zirconia crowns can have superior longevity.



PFM crown stands for porcelain-fused-to-metal. This type of dental crown is made of both porcelain on the outside for aesthetics and metal on the inside for strength and function. This type of crown was the most common one used in the last 50 years and still remains as one of the most predictable crown restorations we have. These days, limit their use to the back teeth since we have more cosmetically natural appearing material options for the front teeth, such as layered zirconia.

How long will a dental crown last?

A dental crown is considered to be one of the most long term restorations we can do in dentistry. Dependent on the material used (porcelain fused to metal, full porcelain, CEREC or Zirconium) most dental crowns will last many years without having to be replaced. If they are properly taken care of they can generally last between 7 to 20 years.

Many people have their crowns for much longer, provided that they are able to upkeep their preventative care to maintain healthy gums and reduce the risk of new decay. To ensure your dental crowns last as long as possible, it is best to practice good oral hygiene including regular oral health check-ups from your dentist and dental hygienist.

Are you able to replace my old crown?

At North Sydney Dental Practice we are able to replace your old crown if it has issues with dark margins, poor colour matching, chips or evidence of new decay getting underneath the old crown. Should you have any concerns about your existing crown simply arrange a consultation with our lovely team where we will be happy to assess your individual case and provide all the options.

How should I care for my crown?

Once a crown is affixed to your natural tooth, you will need to look after it as best you can to ensure it lasts as long as possible. The best way to care for your dental crown is to maintain a good oral hygiene routine of daily flossing and brushing twice a day. In addition to that, regular oral health check-ups with your dentist and hygienist; just as you would do with natural teeth.