White Fillings

Even with preventative oral hygiene measures, many people at some stage of life will require teeth filling as a result of tooth decay or an accident leading to a damaged tooth.

In the past, metallic or amalgam fillings containing mercury were the most common fillings used. They are often associated with dark staining and cracked teeth.

However, at North Sydney Dental Practice, our skilled dentists use advanced bonding techniques to produce strong, durable and aesthetically superior white or tooth coloured (composite resin) fillings.


White or tooth coloured fillings are bonded composite resin restorations that cosmetically appear the same as a natural tooth. In addition, when placed with meticulous care, they are less likely to cause fractures or cracks to the surrounding tooth structure and can last for many years.

Composite resin fillings are colour matched to the shade of your teeth, providing a natural, aesthetically pleasing restoration that can be moulded to an exact fit.

If you have a cavity, a broken tooth or would like to replace any of your old defective amalgam fillings, contact us, your local North Sydney dentist to update your smile with a new white filling.

Before and After Results

Below are "before and after" photos of white fillings on a patient that have been helped by enhancing their appearance and dental health through general dental procedures.