Happy Gas and Oral Sedation

At North Sydney Dental Practice, we understand that sometimes it takes more than having a gentle approach and providing a calm environment. For some people, additional sedation dentistry services may be required to help them relax enough to receive the treatment they need or want.


To support those with more moderate to severe dental phobia, we offer happy gas (nitrous oxide) and oral sedation. These services are also suitable for those patients requiring more complex procedures or those wishing to undergo their dental treatment with maximum comfort and efficiency.


Happy Gas (Nitrous Oxide)

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as happy gas, has been used successfully in medicine as an anaesthetic since 1840. It is delivered through a small, non-invasive nose mask where the patient can breathe normally throughout treatment. It quickly provides a relaxed and comfortable feeling throughout the appointment, giving the sense that time passes quickly. Patients regain full function only minutes after ceasing inhalation and can resume their day as normal. It is safe to use on most adults and children with little to no side effects.


Oral Sedation

Oral sedation offers a simple and cost effective adjunctive aid for those suffering from moderate to severe dental phobia. It is delivered in the form of a tablet ingested orally 1 hour before your appointment and provides a non-invasive form of sedation. Although most people remain awake and responsive, they often describe feeling relaxed, comfortable and somewhat disconnected to the procedure. Many also report a sense of time passing very quickly.


If you feel that any of these sedation dentistry services may be of benefit to you, please contact our friendly team in North Sydney to discuss your options.