Veneers before and after results

Dental veneers are thin coverings that are applied to teeth to enhance the appearance of our smile.

They are usually placed on the teeth that are visible when you smile and can be placed on a single tooth or multiple teeth. Our smile can impact us in many ways: emotionally, physically and in some cases financially. People get veneers for different reasons but ultimately, veneers help create a long-lasting, better smile that you can feel confident in whilst you speak, eat and socialise.

Some ways veneers can improve your smile:

  • Colour: whether it’s from discoloured fillings or stained teeth that whitening has not helped, veneers can help disguise any discolouration.
  • Closing gaps between teeth: some people may have gaps between their front teeth or they may have smaller teeth. Veneers can help to close these gaps and/or give more length and shape to small teeth.
  • Worn and chipped teeth that appear short and broken down: some people have worn or broken-down teeth from habitual grinding. Again, veneers can help to restore length to these teeth.
  • Facial symmetry and balance: our teeth help in balancing the facial symmetry so misshaped teeth can throw this balance off. Veneers can help to restore facial harmony.

Our site contains a lot of information on veneers that you can explore, for example we have discussed what are veneers and looked at the types of veneers (composite vs porcelain) and their advantages.

Having a confident smile naturally helps us to feel happy. It’s amazing to see the transformation in clients after having a smile makeover, not just in the appearance of their teeth but in their overall confidence. Here are some examples of both composite and porcelain veneer treatments that our clients have had.

Porcelain veneer before and after examples

This client had porcelain veneers on top 6 teeth to improve the shape and colour teeth after Invisalign treatment to close spacing between teeth.

This client had porcelain and composite veneers on top 4 teeth to improve the shape and colour of the fillings after Invisalign treatment to straighten the teeth.

This client had worn chipped teeth. Porcelain veneers were placed on six top front teeth after course of whitening.

This client was not happy with the dark colour of front teeth and had porcelain veneers on six top front teeth

Composite veneers before and after examples

For this client composite veneers were placed on front teeth after course of Invisalign treatment

This client had Invisalign to align teeth and close spacing, then had composite veneers place on front teeth to change shape and appearance.

This client had very worn and broken down teeth, composite veneers and Invisalign was part of the treatment

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