Dental Anxiety

instilling hygiene habits in kids

Dental Hygiene: Promoting Healthy Habits That Stick

Dental hygiene is a crucial aspect of overall health, and while the majority of our patients at North Sydney Dental…
red toothbrush on blue background

Health Fund benefits: Use them or lose them before June 30

For most of us, the end of the financial year means getting our tax affairs in order, but If you…
Dental anxiety-what is it and how to address it

Dental anxiety: what is it and how to address it

If you experience dental anxiety, you’re certainly not alone. Defined as a feeling of fear or unease that people experience…

What to expect from sedation dentistry

Have you ever thought to yourself: How good would it be if I could just take a nap on the…

Dental sedation: how does it curb dental anxiety?

If the thought of visiting a dentist makes you feel anxious in any way, you may wish to consider sedation…
Supporting patients with dental anxiety

Supporting patients with dental anxiety

Dental fear affects about one in seven Australian adults, making it one of the most common barriers in accessing dental…
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