Gum Disease

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Health Fund benefits: Use them or lose them before June 30

For most of us, the end of the financial year means getting our tax affairs in order, but If you…
Oral Health for Busy Professionals

Dental Health Week: Oral Health for Busy Professionals

Life is busy. Sometimes, booking your regular dental check up or taking the time to floss every day is not…
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Do I need to see a Dentist every 6 months?

I often tell my patients that ‘’those who attend their regular 6 monthly check ups will generally spend the least…

Benefits of flossing your teeth

‘Have you been flossing regularly?’ is often a question that we are all greeted with as we step foot into…
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After your teeth cleaning

In a previous blog article, we outlined the two categories into which we put gum disease – gingivitis and periodontitis.…

Your oral health while pregnant

Pregnancy and Dental Treatment Prenatal care involves many aspects at different stages of pregnancy. Among the new age options that…

Treatment for gum disease

Gingivitis: What is it? One of the characteristics of gingivitis is reversible damage. At this stage a professional cleaning with your…
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What does gum disease mean?

So you’ve been told you have gum disease but you’re not really sure what that means. Gum disease can be broken down…
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