Do I need to see a Dentist every 6 months?

I often tell my patients that ‘’those who attend their regular 6 monthly check ups will generally spend the least amount of time and money on dentistry over a lifetime”.

Here’s why.

In dentistry, the two most commonly diagnosed conditions are caries (decay or cavities) and periodontal disease (gum disease).

Will it happen to me?

Chances are, the vast majority of us will experience one or both of these conditions over a lifetime. Tooth decay is literally THE MOST common disease in Australia and periodontal disease is the 5th most common (AHMAC 2001).

But my teeth feel fine…

The thing about decay and periodontitis is that they exhibit NO OBVIOUS SYMPTOMS in their early stages. The disease could be spreading quietly for many years and most of us would not have a clue.

Pain and toothache occur only in the later stages of the disease but by the time pain sets in, it’s usually TOO LATE to be treated easily. In these situations I often have to have an unfortunate conversation about extractions, implant replacements, root canal therapy or other complex treatment. Yuk.

But what if we could rewind the clock and diagnose the decay earlier? Before the rot spreads through the tooth and before pain sets in?

Early treatment might involve a small filling and some preventative therapies. No root canals and no extractions. Just simple, conservative and cost effective therapies that are often less than 1/10th of the cost of the more complex treatment needed if left too long.

I wish time travel was a treatment option I could offer to my patients, but at North Sydney Dental Practice we do the next best thing. The dentists, dental hygienists and other staff are committed to educating our patients about the importance of preventative therapies and early diagnosis of disease. Ultimately we want to MINIMISE your treatment needs and preserve your teeth for life.

Why 6 months?

It takes at least 6 months for clinical or radiographic (xray) changes to occur on the teeth that are necessary for the accurate diagnosis of decay. Delaying your check up any longer might mean that the disease could be spreading through the teeth and gums. It’s not worth the risk.

So if you’d prefer to avoid complex dental treatment like extractions and root canal therapy as well as saving your time and money, book in for a regular check up with your dentist.

Don’t forget that North Sydney Dental Practice has a comprehensive full examination or check-up package that is perfectly suited to new patients.

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