Anatomy of a smile makeover: How Digital Smile Design can help you on your smile journey

A smile makeover is not only about teeth. It’s about achieving the perfect harmony between your teeth, gums, lips and the rest of your facial features. A smile makeover utilises a perfect combination of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to enhance the overall appearance of both your dental and facial features. The procedures may include teeth whitening, orthodontics (braces or clear aligners), gum contouring, periodontics, dental implants, composite resin or ceramic veneers, crowns or other treatments.

Since every smile makeover is unique, it is sometimes hard to express in words how your smile will look after cosmetic dentistry procedures are complete.

Thanks to Digital Smile Design (DSD), you get to see the results of your new smile makeover even before you begin treatment.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Combining real-time videography and imaging with cutting edge digital technology, the Digital Smile Design is a multi-media software program that allows for a systematic approach for diagnosis, treatment planning, execution, and case management.

Based on a series of digital photographs or a video of your face and mouth, the DSD system screens and analyses your facial and dental proportions to come up with the right diagnosis.

The ability to visualise how your smile will look in various states of facial expressions – such as when laughing or talking – helps the dentist to tailor a smile design that better matches your distinct facial characteristics and personality.

With Digital Smile Design, you can also be involved in how you would like your own smile to look like. DSD lets you communicate and discuss your desired goals with your dentist using a common visual reference that you can further tweak and enhance.

How does DSD work?

At North Sydney Dental Practice, your Smile Makeover begins with a one-on-one consultation.

During the chat, we will find out more about your aspirations and understand your concerns in order to design a customised smile makeover plan with your unique wants and preferences in mind.

Your smile makeover may be as simple as a getting a whitening procedure, reshaping a misaligned tooth with a veneer or undergoing a complete full mouth reconstruction with braces, implants, crowns and veneers.

Next, utilising the DSD planning tools, we will capture a video of you smiling and speaking to observe how your smile currently functions. This information will be transferred to a computer for processing with the DSD software. Inside the program, the precise length and width of your teeth, gum lines, and oral cavity will be calibrated and measured.

Our dentists will be able to manipulate the images, creating a variety of smile designs for you to review.

A diagnostic mock-up can also be created for you. This physical representation of your “trial smile” lets you temporarily experience the new shape and colour of your teeth.

Once you have approved your final smile design, we will develop your treatment plan. Our dentist will recommend the most appropriate type of treatment – or a combination of treatments – best suited to you, while staying within your budget.

To book a Smile Makeover or Digital Smile Design (DSD) Consultation at North Sydney Dental Practice, call 02 8074 5320.

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