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If you have decided on Invisalign as the right orthodontic system for you, the next step is to look for an Invisalign provider.

Much as the popular orthodontic system is perceived as a way to enhance the beauty of your smile, do not forget that it is still a dental treatment.

It is ultimately a healthcare decision not to be taken lightly.

You should definitely take the time to make sure the right doctor looking after your Invisalign treatment. And it’s ok to be choosy.

Be sure, not sorry

Go ahead and ‘google’ the dentists that you have selected. What do other patients say about their work ethic, clinical skills, customer service – or lack thereof?

Don’t stop there. What about the practice? How much do you know about their:

  • Staff team – are they qualified, friendly, well-trained and efficient?
  • Clinical facility – is it clean, hygienic and well equipped with the latest technology?
  • Payment plans – do they offer flexible instalment plans and accept all health funds?

There are plenty of online reviews at your fingertips. Why settle for anything less than a five-star rated practice?

Of course, there’s also the issue of credentials. All dentists in Australia would have earned their dental licence in order to practice and that’s true of all Invisalign providers.

However, few Invisalign providers have earned the Elite Platinum accreditation.

What does it mean to be an Invisalign Elite Platinum Provider?

First of all, not every dentist offers Invisalign as a service in their practice. Invisalign providers have to undergo the proper training before they are qualified to administer Invisalign treatments.

Given that Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments today, there are a number of dentists that provide the service. So how do you distinguish between them?

Invisalign employs a tier-system whereby the dentists are ranked according to how much treatment experience they have using the system based on the volume of cases they have done.

Not only is this the aligner company’s way of acknowledging the good performance of its dentist community in any given year, it provides patients like you an independent assessment of how much experience your Invisalign Provider has.

In a broad sense, it serves as the dentist’s ‘Invisalign track record’ to help you make an educated decision about your treatment.

That North Sydney Dental Practice has earned their Platinum Elite certification speaks to the countless hours their dentists and staff team have spent using the system – sharpening their knowledge and skills while enriching their experience bank.

“It has been so rewarding for us to accomplish such a high number of amazing smile transformations that we have dedicated a large portion of our practice to Invisalign and orthodontic straightening with sequential clear aligners,” NSDP says.

The good news is, while the certification is a clear indication of NSDP’s experience and expertise working with the Invisalign system, you won’t have to pay premium for their Invisalign services.

Indeed, it doesn’t cost the customer anything extra to select an Invisalign Platinum Elite provider like NSDP.

Finally, all of NSDP’s Invisalign services are inclusive of professional grade teeth whitening (normally valued at $390). Interest free payment plans are also available to smoothen your Invisalign journey.

Talk about bang for the buck!

Do you know? North Sydney Dental Practice is running FREE Invisalign Consultations throughout the month of November during the Smile Month.

Click here to register for the Smile Month event (runs from 4 – 27 November, 2020) or call the practice on 02 8074 5320.

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