Does Invisalign work? See it to believe…

Orthodontic treatment has been evolving with the advent of new technology and clinical methodologies. In recent decades, Invisalign has received global acceptance as a viable alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment.

Besides treating your dental problems, Invisalign’s soft and clear plastic brace appliance provides many other benefits, including: ease of use, superior oral hygiene, comfort of wear and excellent aesthetics.

The popular teeth straightening system has transformed over 5.5 million smiles worldwide, and counting. What that impressive statistic does not reveal, however, is that Invisalign dentists are today able to successfully treat many complex cases that they weren’t able to when the aligners were first introduced.

There are some who still think that Invisalign aligners only work for very minor issues. In reality, Invisalign has delivered proven results in correcting mild to moderate cases and some severe orthodontic problems.

Similar to traditional metal braces that employ other applications (i.e. expanders and spacers) to solve orthodontic issues, the Invisalign system has become more versatile and effective over the years with the application of new attachments, buttons, movements and elastics.

Today, the clear brace system provides an effective solution for a host of orthodontic problems ranging from simple crooked teeth to more severe cases of overbites, underbites and malocclusions.

Depending on the severity of their orthodontic condition, Invisalign may be considered as a treatment option for some – not all – patients with issues such as: Open bite, overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, and gaps in teeth.

Show me the Smiles!

One important thing to note is that treatment outcomes depend a lot on the experience level of the practitioner. In the hands of a trained and experienced clinician, Invisalign can do some amazing things.

North Sydney Dental Practice is proud to show off their gallery of before-and-after smiles as a testimony of their work and Invisalign’s transformative capabilities. Click here for some examples or request to see more.

NSDP is an Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider. Few dental practices can claim this special level of accreditation as it is only awarded to a practice that has achieved a certain number of clear aligner treatments within the course of a year under stringent Invisalign guidelines.

As an independent verification of the clinic’s skills and experience, the certification should also inspire the confidence of someone who is considering Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment option.

The Smile Simulator

Seeing the before-and-after shots of other patients treated with Invisalign is all good and well. What you really want to know is how Invisalign can change your own smile.

The Smile Simulator is an app that lets you visualise the treatment results even before you say “yes” to the procedure!

At NSDP, we want to help you make an informed decision and choose the most suitable treatment. That’s why our initial consultations are designed to be as detailed and informative as possible. You’ll also be able to ask our dentists questions to help clarify any lingering doubts.

With the Smile Simulator, we’re going one better to show you the look-ahead visuals of your post-treatment smile.

Using cutting-edge 3D imaging technology and smart predictive algorithms, the simulation software is able to generate a SmileView of what your Invisalign-treated smile will look like – based on the selfie shot you submit.

This way, you won’t have to leave the comforts of your home to discover what your “future” smile can look like.

Check out the Smile Simulator here.

In conclusion

Like any other dental treatment, Invisalign also has its limitations. For example, the Invisalign system is not suitable for aligning certain tooth shapes or positions. It may not work in certain complex cases that require significant teeth movement.

That said, the Invisalign system is improving all the time, and as orthodontists develop in their experience using the system, the limitations are reducing in tandem.

With these considerations in mind, it is important to consult an Invisalign-trained dentist. By studying your dental history and examining your orthodontic issues, the clinician will be in the best position to determine whether Invisalign is the suitable treatment for your specific case.

Do you know? North Sydney Dental Practice is running FREE Invisalign Consultations throughout the month of November during the Smile Month.

Click here to register for the Smile Month event (runs from 4 – 27 November, 2020) or call the practice on 02 8074 5320.


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