What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Our worlds are becoming more digitised every year and dentistry has embraced new, exciting technology!

At North Sydney Dental Practice we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the treatments we can offer our patients and evaluate the technologies that deliver them. One of our latest additions is Digital Smile Design (DSD).

DSD helps our dentists to design and deliver a perfect treatment plan as well as give our patients the education needed to understand all their options. Knowledge gives our patients confidence in making a decision, especially when investing in a long term or multi-phase program.

The DSD planning centre allows our dentist to use digital photos, x-rays and scans to plan your optimal treatment, without you needing to be in the dentist chair!

There’s a lot of detail that goes into getting the perfect smile.

We look at the entire face and from there each tooth is designed to fit harmoniously within a smile. The app lets our dentists to showcase how even a few small changes can really enhance the overall look of a smile, whether that is achieved through Invisalign, or composite or porcelain veneers.

We understand that looking at a photo can seem strange sometimes, especially if there are big changes being made. If our patients need a little more assistance to envisage the results, DSD allows us to 3D print the design. You can then try on or “test drive” your new smile to feel what it will be like in real life.

There is a lot of trust required between a dentist and a patient.

We only have one set of teeth to last us a lifetime and your smile is your brand. Being able to communicate with our patients is one thing but what’s more empowering is being able to provide education and deliver long-term benefits for their health.

We have invested in Digital Smile Design (DSD) as it is a platform for showcasing treatment options which gives our patients the understanding on why treatment is needed and how we are get there. It’s entirely patient centric and allows patients to give us direct feedback with what they want to achieve and how they want their teeth the look.

Are you looking for more information and education behind making a big decision on your health? Give us a call to have a chat with our treatment co-ordinator to find out more.

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