What does a dental implant cost?

Although a simple question, there are many factors which determine the cost of a dental implant. Simply put, single implants can cost anywhere between $5,500 to $7,000. While this cost can seem a lot at first glance, here is a breakdown on what goes into determining the cost of an implant.

What does it do?

A dental implant is a way to permanently replace damaged or missing teeth. A titanium screw is placed into the jawbone providing the foundations for a crown to seat. It recreates the natural form and function of existing teeth.

The use of quality materials:

To ensure the longevity and success of the implant it is important that quality materials are used. At North Sydney Dental Practice, we use premium components sourced from Australian based labs. Having a well-established relationship with our dental lab allows us to select the right materials for each case.

How complex is the surgery?

Does the surgery involve removing a current tooth or replacing an already missing tooth? Are there multiple teeth which need to be replaced? Is there enough existing bone in the area to support an implant? Does the patient require bone grafting or a sinus lift? The above factors should all be considered and thoughtfully planned when placing an implant. For this reason the entire implant process can take months from start to finish allowing adequate planning, healing and longevity of the implant.

How will the implant match the existing teeth?

After making the decision to have an implant placed, your dentist will work with you to match the implant to your neighbouring, natural teeth. Designing the final crown with the dentist allows you to have confidence in the final result. This is especially important when placing an implant at the front of the mouth or an area visible when talking or smiling.

The expertise and experience of the Dentist who performs your implant surgery

At North Sydney Dental Practice our dentists share a passion for implant dentistry. Dr Ben Hargreave and Dr Cigdem Kipel have both completed extensive post graduate studies in implant surgery. Dr Hargreave has completed a prestigious 18-month Post Graduate Diploma in Oral Implants from the University of Sydney allowing him to train under some of Sydney’s top implant specialists. His passion lead him to be invited back to sit on and advise the planning committee of The University of Sydney and is now a part of the dental examination panel.

Similarly, Dr Kipel is part of several implant education groups and has attended numerous advanced courses in implant surgery, tissue grafting, sinus lifting and implant restorations. Dr Kipel graduated from the 1-year gIDE Master Clinician Program via the globally run gIDE Institute where she achieved Top Honours in Implantology, won an academic prize (2nd place internationally) and was invited to present her implant cases in the USA to an international cohort of students and speakers.

Dr Shalhoub is also currently starting his implant training through the gIDE program.

Simply put, an implant is a long term investment. At North Sydney Dental Practice our team are passionate about providing the best care for our patients. If you’ve considered if an implant may be right for you or have any questions about implants, please contact our friendly team for a personalised consultation.

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