Transform Your Smile With DSD & Dr Hargreaves

Let’s face it. We all dream of having a perfect smile. Who doesn’t want a smouldering grin that radiates charm and sensuality? How about a megawatt smile that lights up a room as you enter it?

Thanks to the advancement of cosmetic dentistry treatments, you can pretty much customise that pearly twinkle to suit your appearance, style and personality.

Dream no more

Once the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, today’s cosmetic dentists can give you a smile makeover to achieve the dream smile you’ve always wanted.

A smile makeover typically involves a selection of cosmetic dental treatments, including one or a combination of the following treatments: Orthodontics, porcelain veneers, cosmetic contouring, crown & bridge, dental implants, gum lift and teeth whitening.

At North Sydney Dental Practice, you will find a highly qualified and experienced team of cosmetic dentists to design and create your dream smile. The team has helped numerous patients achieve just that – you are encouraged to check out the dentists’ impressive portfolio of ‘before and after’ smile gallery.

But what if you still wanted to find out what your own smile makeover would look like?

Seeing is believing

At NSDP, you can even request for a preview of your smile makeover ‘results’. Yep, the NSDP team is able to both visually and physically simulate your smile design using the cutting edge Digital Smile Design (DSD) system.

“With DSD, we can give you a heads up of what the treatment results would look like – before you decide whether or not to take up the treatment,” says Dr Ben Hargreave, a Practice Principal at NSDP.

“The system also gives you the freedom to make further adjustments and tweak the smile design until you are happy to give it a go.”

Dr Hargreave is a highly experienced dentist that has trained under some of Sydney’s top implant specialists from Macquarie Street. He is an accomplished implant dentist in his own right, having completed a prestigious 18-month Post Graduate Diploma in Oral Implants, from the University of Sydney – where he graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Bachelor of Dentistry with honours.

Utilising NSDP’s in-house dental crown CEREC 3D scanner machine, the technologically savvy dentist has taken his vast training and experience in cosmetic dentistry to the next level, to deliver consistently high quality and predictable outcomes for his patients.

The Digital Smile Design completes NSDP’s arsenal of modern tools to generate a smile design based on your individual teeth, gums, lips and facial features. The Digital Smile Design utilises sophisticated 3D imaging software to predict the outcome in anatomically precise detail.

Not only does it take the guesswork out of the equation, the system provides an actual physical representation of the final results.

“Based on the digital blueprint the system generates, a plaster cast is created that can be placed inside your mouth,” Dr Hargreave explains. “The plaster cast serves as the ideal “mock-up” that you can temporarily use to judge for yourself how the final results would look like.”

Holistic smile makeover

Skilled in the use of dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers and more recently, platelet-rich plasma injections for facial rejuvenation, Dr Hargreave is able to design your dream smile to perfectly complement – and enhance – your facial features. Combining both dental and facial aesthetic principles, his holistic smile makeover designs consider all the possible surface and underlying factors that contribute to a natural, attractive-looking smile.

Finally, Dr Hargreave is a gentle dentist who prides himself on “making every visit as comfortable as humanly possible” for his patients. He utilises a wide range of sedation techniques including happy gas, and administers IV sleep dentistry with the help of qualified sedationists.

You can rest assured that all of Dr Hargreave’s smile makeover treatments are designed with nervous or anxious patients in mind, and indeed, to be optimally comfortable for any patient.

You’re just a smile away from fulfilling your dreams.

To book a Smile Makeover Consultation with Dr Ben Hargreave of North Sydney Dental Practice, call02 8074 5320.

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