Is Fluoride safe for my kids?

Is Fluoride toxic?

Anything is toxic in high levels- even water! Fluoride is one of the building blocks of teeth, along with other minerals such as calcium phosphate. It makes teeth strong and helps fight cavities. Fluoride can aid in repairing early decay caused through food acids and bacteria, even before it becomes visible.

We recommend using an age-appropriate fluoride toothpaste (you can find this on the packet) twice daily, to ensure your chompers get that extra helping hand to stay healthy.

In Sydney we are lucky enough that the government adjusts the natural fluoride concentration, however we strongly advise consulting a dental professional before using fluoride supplements or giving them to your children!

Teeth cleaning

Additionally, when you visit us for your regular hygiene maintenance appointment, we are sure to apply fluoride to your teeth and offer any other handy hints to help fight decay. It’s important to visit your dentist at least twice a year for a hygiene check up, and to keep your oral health in check.

Remember to floss daily, brush morning and night and stay hydrated!

Bring the family for a checkup!

North Sydney Dental Practice welcomes all members of the family. We can help treat dental problems for patients of all ages, giving you the care and attention to detail so that we achieve the right results for each patient. If you and your children need a checkup appointment, give us a call to arrange a booking!

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