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2016 Business of the Year winner, North Sydney Dental Practice, has made it to the Finals of the North Shore Business Awards again. The beloved community practice reflects on how they have been living up to their 2016 win.

When a company achieves a major recognition for its work and contribution, it presents a unique opportunity to consolidate what it has done right in the past and to examine how it can maintain its high-performing standards going forward.

That opportunity came for North Sydney Dental Practice when it was voted the 2016 Business of the Year at the North Shore Business Awards – a feat that they have a chance at repeating this year.

The practice was selected from approximately 200 finalists in 26 different categories to bag the coveted prize. The team first won in the Health Improvement Services category and then went on to win the overall Business of the Year award.

“We have an awesome team of people who love their jobs and really care about their workplace and each other,” says Dr Ben Hargreave, Practice Principal , revealing the secret sauce to their recipe for success.

“We have fostered an amazing environment in which we can all grow and get along and actually want to come to work. Our practice is amazing because of the amazing people we have behind it.”

We’re in the Finals – again!

Instead of resting on their laurels, the NSDP team has, since winning that prestigious award, taken the community-focused practice to even greater heights.

Since 2016, NSDP has doubled its capacity – converting it from a small practice to a mini enterprise. And their efforts have paid off handsomely.

This year, the North Sydney Dental Practice once again made it to the Finals of the North Shore Business Awards.

While the result of the ultimate winner has not been announced at the time of writing, the NSDP team is thankful for the support they have received thus far.

“We are immensely grateful to the North Shore community for their nomination and votes, without which we wouldn’t have made it to the Finals,” says Dr Cigdem Kipel, Practice Principal.

“It is due to their incredible support that we have earned one of the most enviable reputations of any practice in Sydney. We especially want to thank them for helping us to maintain our position throughout the massive growth we have achieved in recent years.”

Massive growth – in more ways than one

During the last two years, the practice underwent a major renovation and expansion, growing from a 4-chair practice to a 7-chair operation. They were experiencing what businesses typically call “a good problem”:

“Our patients kept on referring us their friends, family and colleagues and we had no where to treat them! We reached a point where we were operating at maximum capacity, and saw the need to grow,” says Dr Ben Hargreave.

With 4 dentists and 3 hygienists on board, there are no plans to grow the practice beyond current capacity, as the NSDP team does not wish to let size get in the way of giving patients the personalised service that they have come to expect.

NSDP’s well-deserved 5-star Google rating – 175 5-star reviews to be exact – speaks volumes of their patients’ burgeoning support, something that they do not take for granted.

“We will never be able to provide the customised and family feel of our practice if we get too big,” says Dr Hargreave.

That said, the patient-focused clinic is looking forward to extend their range of Treatment Services to become a one-stop practice. This includes expanding their skillsets to offer even more complex procedures, including the All-on-Four system for implant patients.

To meet the sophisticated demands of the modern patient, the practice has consistently invested time and money to train and motivate their staff.

From team building days to training courses and conferences, no expense is spared when it comes to equipping every member of the team – whether in terms of clinical knowledge and skills or patient care – to go above and beyond customer expectations.

“For us, staff training extends all the way from researching the latest cutting-edge dental tool or technique through to presenting a hot towel to a patient at the end of a treatment,” Dr Kipel.

Community Spirit

Even at the height of their massive growth, the award-winning dental team at North Sydney Dental Practice didn’t forget to give back to the community.

The practice has been involved in local sports teams, providing quality mouth guards for the local waterpolo team at cost price.

During Oral Health Care Day, the team would visit the local primary school where they teach the children the importance of oral health.

The practice currently looks after the dental needs of some young patients attending local schools on scholarships as well as those who have been referred by charity groups. The clinic has also applied to help with domestic abuse victims to help restore their smiles free of charge.

Dr Ben Hargreaves is not only known in the community for his excellent implant treatments and gentle patient care, but also his big heart. When he is not busy restoring the health and beauty of his patients’ smiles at NSDP, Dr Hargreaves travels to developing nations to provide free dental care and give back to communities where dental treatment remains a luxury.

Towards a Sustainable Future

NSDP also feels strongly about its larger role in operating a sustainable practice, both for the community and the environment.

They are committed to offsetting their carbon footprint. As of today, the practice has planted 1,228 trees and reduced 34.66 Tons of carbon through their ecological partners Ecologie. They have also undertaken to use green energy – striving for carbon neutrality – through their electricity provider.

The socially responsible practice is even stocking up on bamboo (read: biodegradable) toothbrushes and other homecare products so not only they, but also their patients, have the opportunity to reduce their waste.

Infection control remains a top priority, and this has been the case long before the COVID-19 situation. From stringent sterilisation practice to strict rules on single-use disposables, the team is most vigilant in ensuring the health and safety of patients as well as that of staff members.

Through their actions, the NSDP team has shown that their remit goes beyond delivering top-notch dental treatments and patient care but also fleshing out their role as a responsible service provider in the larger community in which they serve.

It is precisely this dedication to their work and community that has garnered them praise and accolades. Whether or not they emerge victorious again at the North Shore Business Awards this year, one thing is for sure – they already possess the winning attitude.

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