A dentist offers muscle relaxants?

This is a common reaction we get from patients when they find out that we provide anti-wrinkle injections and muscle relaxants.

What are muscle relaxants?

Muscle Relaxants are actually a purified protein derivative from a bacteria which stops the signal between a muscle and its nerve. The protein once injected into a muscle will block the brains signal when you tell it to move. Over a period of a few months the nerves will actually re grow little arms back into the muscle which means that muscle relaxants aren’t permanent, and all effects will eventually wear off. Now this has lots of applications, especially when it comes to your face.

Imagine waking up every morning with a splitting headache and a sore face. If you regularly grind your teeth at night ( which you may not even be aware of ) these symptoms can arise. The pain is due to over working the large muscles which you use for clenching, grinding and eating your food. By injecting some muscle relaxants into these areas you can significantly reduce the muscles ability to work out, and hence decrease the pain.

Imagine a big muscle builder, cancel their gym membership and don’t let them out of the house. After they have rested for a few days they won’t be sore from the previous work out. Over a few months they will lose some of their muscle and won’t be able to lift as much as they previously could. This is exactly the way muscle relaxants are used to relive symptoms associated with muscle related jaw pain. Patients should expect lasting relief for up to 4-5 months, at which time more muscle relaxants will need to be injected.

You might have heard of muscle relaxants – or wrinkle relaxers, used around the eyes and on the forehead to soften wrinkles. The way this works is by relaxing the muscle under the skin which in turn relaxes the skin and creates a smooth, youthful appearance.

Why is your dentist a good person to administer muscle relaxants for cosmetic issues?

At University, dentists spend the majority of their course studying facial anatomy. Out of any profession, bar a medical specialist, dentists are in the best position to analyse facial muscles. Combine this with an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and the fact we aren’t exactly unfamiliar with injections, means you get a great cosmetic result. We don’t allow nurses to administer muscle relaxants so you know that you are safe in your dentists hands.

Wrinkle relaxers

Muscle relaxants are a safe and relatively painless procedure which can help you look younger or relive your pain.

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