Dentures, Implants or Bridges?

Do I need to replace missing teeth?

If any of your teeth are missing or too badly damaged to repair, it’s important that you get them replaced as soon as possible.

Your dentist can help you decide whether a dental implant, bridge or denture is the right option for you.

Gaps in your teeth don’t just affect your smile. They can also cause problems with eating and speaking, as well as make your mouth more vulnerable to infections.

If you’ve had a tooth extracted or lost a tooth to decay, trauma or disease, your dentist will discuss your options for a natural-looking replacement. The three most common tooth replacement methods are dental implants, dental bridges and removable dentures, and each option has its advantages.

Dental Implants

Titanium implants replace tooth roots in the jaw. Once fused with the jaw bone, implants support crowns or permanent dentures designed to look and function like real teeth.

Because they are bonded with the jaw, dental implants can be a permanent solution to replace missing teeth. They can’t be easily damaged or dislodged and they don’t require any special maintenance apart from routine brushing and flossing.

Implants are more expensive up-front than bridges or removable dentures, but because they don’t usually need to be replaced, they can be more economical in the long term.

If you’ve been told that you aren’t eligible for standard implants because you have a small jaw, you can talk to your dentist about bone grafting procedures.

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Dental Bridges

Unlike implants that are fused to the jaw, dental bridges are supported by crowns that are fitted over the teeth on either side of the gap. This means the procedure is less invasive, but bridges are also more vulnerable to damage and won’t last as long as titanium implants.

Crowns and bridges can be made of durable porcelain, zirconia or porcelain fused to gold, and are modelled after your existing teeth. A bridge can replace a single tooth or several teeth and have a lower initial cost than implants.

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Complete Or Partial Dentures

Removable dentures are the most affordable option for replacing missing teeth. They also don’t require any surgery, unless you’re replacing a whole arch of teeth and need to have any remaining teeth extracted first.

Dentures are custom-fitted to your mouth and designed to look as much like your natural teeth as possible. However, they don’t offer the same strength as implants or bridges, so your dentist might advise you to avoid certain foods and activities. They also need to be cleaned daily to remove all traces of food and plaque.

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