Dr Paul Shalhoub


Dr Shalhoub's passion for becoming a dentist started at a young age, when he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, uncle and grandfather. The decision he made to become a dentist has since placed him in a lifelong career that he is extremely passionate about, and looks forward to every single day.


After graduating from Charles Sturt University in Orange, Dr Shalhoub has been able to help many patients with both simple and more complex dental problems. He finds great satisfaction in not only being able to help his patients achieve their ideal dental goals, but also educate them along the way to be able to make smart and informed dental decisions now and in the future.


Paul has a strong passion for preventative dentistry; preventing and removing the causes of disease, rather than simply treating the presentation.


Paul also enjoys and finds treating anxious patients very rewarding. He understands that it can often be one particular experience that caused this anxiety, and being able to help this patient become comfortable in a dental setting again and to obtain their goals, is something he loves.


Outside of dentistry, Paul enjoys going to the gym, basketball, the beach, or taking his dog Caesar for walks.

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