Smile makeovers at NSDP with Dr Kipel

You don’t have to be a Hollywood A-lister to appreciate the importance of an attractive smile. We all know how a beautiful smile – with a dazzling set of perfectly shaped pearlies – can be a valuable asset in our appearance-conscious society. Which other physical feature can radiate warmth, confidence and sensuality all at the same time?

However, the so-called Hollywood smile almost never happens by chance. In most cases, it takes careful planning, design and treatment in consultation with a highly experienced, skilled and competent cosmetically trained dentist.

The Smile Achiever

The comprehensive cosmetic dentistry process includes one or more of the following treatments: Teeth whitening, tooth repair and replacement, dental veneers, white fillings, all-ceramic crowns and bridges, gap closures, orthodontic braces, gummy smile correction, etc.

This process is known as a smile makeover or smile design. Principal Dentist at North Sydney Dental Practice (NSDP), Dr Cigdem Kipel, is someone who knows the value of a smile makeover intimately.

“Broadly speaking, a smile makeover includes both surgical and non-surgical methods to rejuvenate your smile,” Dr Kipel summarises.

“We do this by correcting virtually any problem you have with your teeth and smile.”

The cosmetically trained dentist has earned top patient reviews for her gentle approach to achieving predictable aesthetic results, garnering multiple recognitions and awards for both her academic achievements and professional work.

Her long list of accolades include: The top ADA (Australian Dental Association) prize in graduating year (highest GPA) of her Bachelor’s Degree, BOralH(Dsc); the Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence in five consecutive years between 2005-2009; 1st prize in Orthodontics awarded by the Australian Society of Orthodontics Prize (2009); 1st in Paediatric Dentistry awarded by the Australia and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry (2009); 2nd Place International Prize and Top Honours in Implant Dentistry for academic achievement in the gIDE Master Clinician Program (2016), official commendations for six (out of six) RACDS Primary Examination subjects (2012); admitted as Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (FRACDS) (2015).

Dr Kipel embodies the excellence in dental treatment and care that North Sydney Dental Practice represents. Her commitment to helping patients achieve their dream smile is guided by a strong passion in aesthetic dentistry – in particular, Invisalign – exemplified by ongoing pursuits in continuing education and participation in professional associations.

These are critical traits for success in the ever-evolving realm of cosmetic dentistry.

“People have varying concepts about what a great smile should look like. There are no hard and fast rules, although a beautiful smile should conform to or complement the patient’s eyes, skin and facial structure,” she stresses.

“A smile makeover is essentially a custom-made smile that is tailored according to your unique considerations. That’s why I would ask for your goals and expectations, before formulating a plan to create your dream smile.”

Dr Kipel’s deep understanding of facial and smile aesthetics is pivotal to achieving transformative aesthetic results that look seamless and natural. Her innate flair for beauty and aesthetics is backed by a multi-disciplinary skillset that covers advanced dental implantology, clear aligner therapy and teeth replacement restorations.

Don’t just take my word for it

To aid clearer dentist-patient communication, Dr Kipel uses the Digital Smile Design (DSD) software to give her patients a better idea of what to expect from the smile makeover.

DSD uses modern 3D imaging technology to create a digital smile design based on your specific tooth shape, lips, gums and facial features. Powered by a highly sophisticated predictive algorithm – best described as ‘digital magic’ – DSD lets you see the smile makeover ‘results’ even before you decide whether or not to take up the proposed treatment.

“Every patient is unique. Modern tools like the DSD make it possible for you to envision and share input on how you would like your smile to look like,” Dr Kipel enthuses.

“Getting a new smile can often be a life-changing experience. It’s my privilege to play a role in helping patients experience the freedom of what a great-looking smile can bring to their daily lives.”

Experience life anew with a rejuvenated smile.

To book a Smile Makeover Consultation with Dr Cigdem Kipel of North Sydney Dental Practice, call 02 8074 5320.

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