Follow Dr Ben Hargreave’s Invisalign journey

If there were ever a perfect time for Invisalign, right now would be it.

The coronavirus situation has reportedly seen an uptick in demand for many dental services including clear braces. This is consistent with what North Sydney Dental Practice has experienced so far.

“We’ve done so many Invisalign cases as well as s in the last few months. As we navigate varying degrees of lockdowns, social distancing restrictions across Australia and around the world, many patients have found they now have more time and flexibility” says Dr Ben Hargreave, NSDP’s Practice Principal.

“There isn’t a better time in life to start an Invisalign treatment. When you’re stuck at home and not allowed to go out socially – the things that you might be concerned about aren’t really there anymore.”

With more people than ever working from home, Dr Hargreave explains that whatever lifestyle adjustments associated with receiving the Invisalign treatment will now be minimal.

It’s worthwhile noting that the virtually invisible aligner is already famous for blending in with your daily life. As opposed to metal braces that require wire changes or tightenings, Invisalign’s mouthguard-like trays fit snugly over the arch of your teeth and can be easily removed for eating and cleaning.

So convinced that now is a great time for Invisalign, Dr Hargreave recently started on the aligner therapy himself. To share his experience, the dentist will be chronicling his Invisalign journey through a series of videos, viewable on our website and Youtube.

“The reason I love Invisalign is because we can do things now that I didn’t dream that we could do even five or six years ago,” he adds.

The principal dentist certainly knows a thing or two about the popular teeth straightening system that has transformed over 5.5 million smiles worldwide, and counting.

Dr Hargreave wore the traditional bracket-and-wires type of braces as a kid, and still remembers having to put up with the painful ordeal. With Invisalign, he knows the discomfort level will be “nowhere near that” – and if any at all, would be far outweighed by a gorgeous smile at the treatment’s end.

“Your smile is your biggest asset,” he enthuses, “I have seen first-hand the difference in confidence that we can make by fixing up someone’s smile.”

As for things that aligner wearers will need to get used to, Dr Hargreave can think of only two.

He reveals that most people would lose between 3-4kg when they’re on Invisalign simply because they tend to snack less. Before reaching for that chocolate bar or cookie in the pantry, the aligner serves as a reminder of whether snacking is worth the hassle.

“You will have to weigh up decisions like ‘is that cookie worth me brushing my teeth afterwards’ and in most cases, it isn’t,” he says.

In the first week or so, the aligners may also cause a slight lisp and affect your speech but the dentist says it is something that will quickly go away.

“I don’t there are going to be huge changes to my everyday life. It’s just that I’m adding an extra thing into my routine.”

In the first part of his video journey, he unboxed the first pair of Invisalign aligners before popping the customised trays onto his teeth without any fuss.

Once worn, you can’t really see the aligners at all, which once again, is the beauty of the clear brace technology.

“Check in over the next couple of weeks,” says the affable dentist, “to see how things are moving.”

In other words, watch this space.

Do you know? North Sydney Dental Practice is running FREE Invisalign Consultations throughout the month of November during the Smile Month.

Click here to register for the Smile Month event (runs from 4 – 27 November, 2020) or call the practice on 02 8074 5320.

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