Ms Brooke Clews

Oral Health Therapist

Brooke’s role in North Sydney Dental Practice is to formulate diagnoses and conduct treatment plans that incorporate oral hygiene, periodontal conditions and restorative dentistry for treating tooth decay. Brooke provides treatments that are preventative in nature and aims to equip patients with the skills to reduce their chance of oral diseases before they occur by tailoring each individual with optimal home-care techniques.

Brooke has graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy, with adult scope, meaning she can provide additional treatments to both children and adults alike.

She has worked overseas on a clinical placement treating children in Cambodian schools in Phnom Penh and is passionate about ensuring accessibility to dental care. Brooke enjoys keeping up to date with current and relevant dietary links to oral and overall health and is passionate about imparting this knowledge to her patients to ensure they are able to indulge in an enjoyable diet without sacrificing their positive oral health outcomes.

Brooke’s first language is Auslan (Australian Sign Language). This allows her to treat the deaf and hard of hearing communities. Brooke’s passion is to provide accessible information in Auslan to ensure that her patients have equal opportunity for dental health to that of the general population. When Brooke isn’t in the clinic, she loves to spend time with her family, play netball and is a coffee enthusiast.