Australian charter of health care rights

Anyone who participates in or uses the Australian health system is entitled to a series of nation-wide rights. These rights help ensure that whatever the care, wherever it is received (within Australia), patients can trust that it will be both high quality and safe. This means that all patients of North Sydney Dental Practice have a number of important rights that have been set out by the Australian government. They can be found in the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights.

What is the charter?

The Charter was formed by the Commission in 2007-2008 and outlines the rights afforded to consumers seeking and/or undergoing a healthcare service. It is relevant to any health setting in Australia, which for our purposes includes dental practices! Its purpose is to help both heath care providers and heath care consumers understand the rights entitled to patients all over the country.

To help our patients understand the Charter, you can view how these rights apply to you as a North Sydney Dental Practice patient. Click here to view or download the full document, or see below. We will outline the Charter’s rights as they fit into the context of our practice.

What you can expect from our practice


If you have any questions about your health care rights, please feel free to contact our practice. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have! For further reading, you can also visit or check out their additional resources here.