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If you have missing teeth, no need to panic. Dental implants can be a solution, and they have produced great results for many people. Contact us at (02) 9158 6461 for a consultation.

What are they?

Dental Implants are the latest technology in permanent tooth replacement. Missing teeth can directly impact your ability to chew, speak and smile, sometimes greatly affecting your daily life.

The dental implant itself acts as an artificial root for your replacement tooth. It is made of titanium that is readily accepted by human tissues and biologically integrated into the jaw. Once the bone has fused with the implant (usually taking approximately three months) a carefully sculpted replacement tooth known as a crown is attached onto the implant. The result is a strong, very durable tooth that restores full function and has great aesthetic result - simulating a natural tooth.

Are dental implants suitable for me?

At North Sydney Dental Practice our experienced team will assess your individual situation to determine if you are both in need of dental implants and eligible for our North Sydney dental implant procedures.

Dental implants can be a suitable solution for patients of many ages and backgrounds. If you are missing one or more teeth, your jaw has completed its development, and you are in good health you may be an excellent candidate for dental implants. Tooth loss can be the result of many causes including:

•  Injury
•  Tooth decay
•  Naturally (born with missing teeth)
•  Infection
•  Gum (periodontal) disease
•  Other lifestyle factors

Dental implants can be an alternative option for those patients who do not wish to wear removable dentures or those who can no longer wear removable dentures. Dental implants provide an excellent solution to the drawbacks associated with removable dentures such as difficulty speaking and eating, improper fit, irritation, and cleaning.

Once your individual suitability is determined, the implant will be placed within your bone. Finally, once the bonding between your jaw and the new implant is complete we will affix your crown, bridge or fixed denture to your implant and you can walk out with a bright, healthy smile.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer patients many benefits. Some of the major benefits include:

A dental implant functions like a natural tooth. Since dental implants are made from titanium, a bio-compatible material, they are able to strongly integrate into your jaw. This offers a strong, long term solution so that you can live your life as you would with natural teeth – with little interference to speaking, smiling, and eating.

Long term solution. Dental implants are made of a strong, bio-compatible titanium material that fuses to your jaw in approximately three months after being placed. While they may require an adjustment from time to time, with proper placement and care dental implants can last a lifetime.

Maintain your natural smile and face shape. Since dental implants function just as natural teeth, this allows you to maintain your natural face shape that can be lost as a result of missing teeth and deteriorating bone structure.

Protect remaining healthy bone. Jawbone deterioration or loss can often result when missing teeth are not replaced. This is because the structure of the jaw breaks down when it is not supporting natural teeth. Dental implants can work as a stimulant to the jawbone to slow deterioration and encourage bone growth.

Easy to take care of. Unlike removable dentures that need to be cleaned and cared for in addition to your regular oral hygiene routine, dental implants act just as natural teeth in your mouth. This means you can maintain your implants through regular brushing and flossing – just as you would do with your normal teeth.

Eat and speak with ease. Traditional removable dentures can pose a challenge for patients in getting used to speaking and eating comfortably with them in your mouth. Removable dentures can sometimes move or dislodge during eating and speaking. However, since dental implants are fused with your natural jawbone, this removes the worry of them dislodging during eating or speech.

No cavities. Since dental implants are made from a strong titanium material with an affixed crown, cavities cannot occur in this material. However, your natural teeth surrounding your dental implant are still susceptible to cavities so it is best to care for your implants and surrounding teeth with regular dental check-ups and cleans, as well as daily brushing and flossing.

How long will dental implants last?

With proper maintenance and care, your dental implant can last a lifetime. To ensure the longevity of your dental implant, it is important to remember that your dental implant needs to be cared for just like your natural teeth. Dental implants are subject to the same wear and tear as normal teeth. Because of this, you should maintain regular dental check-ups and cleanings, as well as daily brushing and flossing.

Most importantly, it is best to work in conjunction with your dental team at North Sydney Dental Practice to ensure your implant is properly cared for and maintained. Regular check-ups with our team can prevent any major problems and could occur down the track through proper care and early detection.

How much are dental implants?

The cost of dental implants will vary from patient to patient based on their individual circumstances. Factors affecting the cost of dental implants may include the extent of tooth and bone damage, pre-existing conditions, and the type and number of implants placed.

Are dental implants safe?

Dental implants have been a proven solution for missing teeth for many years and the practitioners at North Sydney Dental Practice are trained and experienced in placing dental implants.

Dental implants are made of titanium which is a biocompatible material. Titanium is accepted by the body in most cases which means that your natural bone fuses (attaches itself) to the implant, locking it into place. This process is called osseointegration and it gives the implant the strength and stability to function just as natural teeth.

Dental implants procedures

Once your North Sydney Dental Practice dentist determines your suitability for dental implants, we will place the implant into your jawbone during surgery. You then must allow time (approximately 3 months) for healing and for the implant to osseointegrate into your jawbone. Once this process is complete (your North Sydney Dental Practice dentist will determine this), we will place a small connector called an abutment on top of the dental implant to support the dental crown, bridge or fixed denture.

Potential side effects

While dental implant surgery has been proven a safe and effective procedure, as with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks involved. This is mostly due to post-operative healing; it is important that you disclose to your North Sydney Dental Practice dentist if you have problems with post-operative healing, the medications you’re taking, and if you are a smoker. It is best to report any problems such as prolonged infection or pain at the site of the implant to us as soon as you can to prevent further complications.

If you are suffering from one or many missing teeth, you may be eligible for dental implants. Contact our experienced team in North Sydney at (02) 9158 6461 to arrange an appointment.

Dental implants before and after

Dental implants are an effective solution to treat missing teeth. If you need a consult on dental implants Sydney, come into our practice and we'll give you the solution!

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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