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Effect of Alcohol on Dental Health

We all love having a little drink every now and then. However, we often forget to think about the repercussions of alcohol on our health – specifically, our teeth. Alcohol can affect your teeth in different ways. First, up is staining – the colour in drinks comes from chromogens which... Continue reading

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Does a Root Canal Therapy Hurt?


Although it may sound like a scary procedure, the root canal is actually a safe and effective treatment that dentists routinely perform. It has been unfairly portrayed as a painful procedure when in reality, it helps to relief the pain experienced when your tooth hurts from deep infection. Emplo... Continue reading

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What To Expect After Professional Teeth Cleaning

In our previous blog article, (I have gum disease - what does that mean?), we outlined the two categories into which we put gum disease – gingivitis and periodontitis. Depending on the type of gum disease you may experience different symptoms following your professional cleaning, including s... Continue reading

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Pregnant or Trying to Conceive? Your Oral Health Is Imperative!

Pregnancy And Dental Treatment Prenatal care involves many aspects at different stages of pregnancy. Among the new age options that promote well-being amongst expectant women – including prenatal nutrition, exercise and vitamins – oral hygiene is one of the most overlooked aspects, ev... Continue reading

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When Should I Take My Child To The Dentist?

Dental care starts at a young age. Good oral hygiene habits established early would normally develop into lifestyle habits that extend into adulthood. Besides daily brushing and flossing, a child’s oral care maintenance program must also include regular visits to the dentist. That’s be... Continue reading

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Is Coffee Bad For Your Teeth?

If you are like me and enjoy a cup or two of coffee each day, then you might havewondered about this daily habit and the long term impact it may have on your teeth. Many of my patients admit to drinking A LOT of coffee and believe that it’s likely to beharmful to their teeth. But this is no... Continue reading

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Top 7 Things That Cause Bad Breath

Maintaining Your Positive Dental Experience Is Easy If You Keep To These Basic Steps! 1. Poor oral hygiene Smelly breath is most commonly caused by bacteria in your mouth. The microbes feed on food particles and release sulphur compounds which cause that distinctive smell. Brush your teeth twice... Continue reading

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Do I Really Need To See a Dentist Every 6 Months?

I often tell my patients that ‘’those who attend their regular 6 monthly check ups will generally spend the least amount of time and money on dentistry over a lifetime”. Here’s why. In dentistry, the two most commonly diagnosed conditions are caries (decay or cavities) an... Continue reading

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