White Fillings

Even with thorough oral hygiene routines including brushing and flossing, many people at some stage of life will require a filling as a result of tooth decay or an accident leading to a damaged tooth.

Our skilled dentists use advanced bonding techniques to produce strong, durable and aesthetically superior white (composite resin) fillings.

White fillings are tooth bonded composite restorations that are becoming increasingly popular with patients, as they can be colour matched to the shade of your teeth, providing a natural, aesthetically pleasing restoration that can be moulded to an exact fit.

As your local dentist in North Sydney we can also replace your old amalgam fillings and update your smile with a new white filling.

White fillings can be an effective treatment for patients, as it provides a natural and aesthetically pleasing restoration for discoloured or stained teeth. Our dentists are skilled and experienced in this treatment, giving you the very best in care and service throughout the whole process.

Tooth Filling Sydney

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