Tooth Whitening NORTH SYDNEY

Cosmetic dentistry has advanced significantly with tooth whitening technology providing safe, effective and efficient results. Our North Sydney tooth whitening service is a simple, easy and effective cosmetic treatment providing whiter teeth and a brighter smile.

Natural, healthy teeth do vary in colour between individuals. Over time there are many factors that contribute to discolouration and staining of teeth including smoking, red wine, tea and coffee to name just a few. Teeth can now be successfully restored to a natural, whiter colour through inexpensive and effective whitening treatments.

At North Sydney Dental Practice our tooth whitening technique lightens the natural colour of your teeth rather than recolouring them. This gives a more natural appearance and makes the teeth brighter.

To give you the best value for money we use a specialised take home whitening kit so you can whitening your teeth in your own time, to the shade that you want. At your appointment for tooth whitening North Sydney, you'll first be provided with customised retainers and our special whitening gel, with carbamide peroxide as the active ingredient. We will then run through the instructions for use so that you can comfortably whiten your teeth in your own time.

The other benefit of our take home whitening kit is that after the initial purchase of the retainers, whenever you require a whitening ‘top-up’ all you will need to purchase is the whitening gel which we keep on hand.

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