Tips and Hints for a Happy Smile

Making brushing bearable

Our experienced North Sydney team know that brushing and flossing is rarely the highlight of your children’s morning or night time routine however with a wealth of experience behind us and some wonderful stories from our patients we have a few tips to make it easier for everyone.

  • Star Chart: Reward your child for good behaviour with a star for every time they brush their teeth – then when they have enough stars they get a treat. Click here to download our star chart.
  • Electric vs Manual: Often an electric tooth brush makes the battle for tooth cleaning easier. Not only is it easier to achieve an effective clean with an electric toothbrush for a child, but it is often more fun for kids.
  • Brushing Music: To ensure your children brush their teeth for the optimal time frame, doing it to music can make it measurable and fun. Play your kids favourite song for 2 minutes while they brush their teeth so they know that when the music stops – so can they.
  • Baby Brushing: Remember, for babies although they do not need to ‘brush’ their teeth it is still important to wipe their gums with a soft cloth after their milk. As milk contains a sugary element which can contribute to decay and gum disease it is important to remove its residue after a feed.

Food for thought (and a healthY smile)

Good oral health is as much about food and nutrition as it is about brushing and flossing. Below we have included a few facts and tips which can help you navigate a good diet and great oral care.

  • It is best to keep sugary and sweet foods to a minimum – preferably less than once per week and only at meal times. As saliva acts as a natural barrier against decay it is important to limit meal and snacking to health intervals of three meals and two snacks per day. Moreover, try to stick to the healthier options for snacking such as:
    • Cheese
    • Raw vegetables
    • Nuts
    • Bread
    • Yoghurt
    • Unsalted and unsweetened popcorn

How well do you know sugar?

Sugar is often referred to as the hidden enemy and can have more of a presence in our children’s diet, particularly drinks as we realise. Below we have included some of the more popular drinks we give our kids and just how much sugar they actually contain:

Water - NO SUGAR


Flavoured Water - 2.5 Teaspoons

Carton Flavoured Milk (250ml) - 3 Teaspoons

Carton Fruit Juice (250ml) - 7 Teaspoons

Sports Drink (600ml) - 10 Teaspoons

Energy Drink (250ml) - 6.5 Teaspoons

Soft/Fizzy Drink (1 can) - 10 Teaspoons