Medical technologies are advancing exponentially making highly efficient and effective treatment increasingly accessible. That allows us to provide the optimum treatment North Sydney Dental Practice is committed to using the latest in dental technologies.

Cerec® "One Appointment" dentistry

Cerec dentistry is a superior method of creating precisely designed, colour-matched and highly durable ceramic tooth restoration. From simple fillings to full crowns and veneers, Cerec technology delivers the results you need in a single appointment. State-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) software allows us to design every precise detail of your restoration during the one visit. It virtually eliminates repeat visits and temporary fillings or crowns. Instead, while you wait, your colour-matched ceramic restoration is created in our on-site milling machine. It is then fitted, polished and bonded for permanence. In one visit, your tooth has regained its natural form, function and beauty. Cerec restoration has another major benefit: it is unquestionably the most cost effective restoration service available today.

® Registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems

Intra Oral Camera:

The intra oral camera gives us a detailed tour of your teeth and gums appearing live on an overhead monitor. We can then explain what is occurring in your mouth and what requires treatment while you watch for yourself.

Low Dose, Digital X-Rays:

Emitting only a fraction of the percentage of radiation of traditional x-rays, digital x-rays can be viewed instantaneously on a screen above. This allows us to provide you with a more efficient diagnosis and treatment.