Kids Zone

At North Sydney Dental Practice we understand that the way to approach dentistry differs between adults and children and have a special interest in paediatric dentistry. With significant experience in treating children our team is dedicated to creating a fun, happy environment to provide a positive dental experience. In turn, we believe this will help encourage your children to develop an effective lasting oral care routine to keep their teeth healthy for life.

At North Sydney Dental Practice we believe that a child’s experience with dentistry should begin before any problems develop to ensure that their initial meeting with a dentist is a positive, relaxed and fun interaction. With this in-mind it is our professional opinion that you should bring your child in for a visit for a visit anywhere from 1-2 years old. We have outlined below a little of what your child can expect at their first visit and how we make it fun!

Other useful information and services for children can be found at the links below: