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Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete and partial dentures are some of the most widely used replacements for missing teeth and offer a less permanent but more cost effective solution than dental implants and crowns or bridges. Complete dentures replace an entire upper and/ or lower arch and they are held in place by adhesive gel and suction. In selected cases they can be supported by implants and retained by screws, providing excellent stability and more comfort than traditional dentures. Partial dentures are used to fill the space left by a number of missing teeth which also prevents remaining teeth from moving out of alignment. They are attached to the surrounding natural teeth by small clasps.

Dentures are custom made to your mouth, the process taking approximately four visits from the initial comprehensive assessment through to final completion and fitting of the denture. Both complete and partial dentures should remain stable at all times. If you notice your denture becomes loose or slips when you speak, cough or chew you should schedule an appointment for a reline which can often be completed in a single visit. Our dentist will be happy to discuss any options appropriate for your needs.

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