Custom Fit Mouthguards

The most common cause of dental injuries comes from the pursuit of sport, leisure and recreational activities where impact can damage the jaw and teeth. For just a small investment, a custom fit mouthguard provides valuable protection for the future of your teeth due to their close fit, increased comfort and cushioning effect.

‘Off the shelf’ mouthguards are generally large, bulky and loose fitting, providing inadequate protection. A custom fit mouthguard involves a custom fitting from one of our experienced dentists who specialise in custom mouth guards North Sydney. They will assess your mouth and provide the best fit, size, coverage and thickness specifically designed for your mouth. Benefits include an increased ability to breathe and communicate, greatly enhancing your sporting experience.

North Sydney Dental Practice are your North Sydney custom mouthguard specialists. Contact our friendly team at our North Sydney dental practice to arrange your custom mouthguard.

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