Children’s First Visit

From the moment you walk through the door your child will be warmly welcomed into our family orientated environment. With a range of entertainment material and foxtel your child is bound to be entertained in the event you arrive early or even while mum or dad have their assessment.

Upon being introduced to your dentist you child will be shown the dental chair and some of the tools that we use. To make them feel comfortable and relax they will have the opportunity to play with some of the equipment and pretend to be the dentist.

A non-invasive examination will then be performed to ease your child into the idea and role of the dentist and their tools. Your experienced dentist will also keep a look out for any potential problems and to ensure that their gums and teeth are developing correctly.

Upon the conclusion of your kids first appointment the will receive a gift from out team as a small thanks for coming in for a visit and to help encourage an effective oral care routine at home.