Computer Aided Restoration (CEREC)

Same day crowns can now be achieved in a single visit to North Sydney Dental Practice through the use of our latest CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) CEREC technology. Through the use of CEREC, our dentists can provide you with a lasting treatment to restore those broken, decayed or damaged teeth without the need for a follow up appointment. The benefits of CEREC ensure that patients leave with a strong and durable restoration that is also aesthetically natural in appearance and functionality.


Firstly, our dental team will examine and prepare your tooth for the restoration treatment which may include removing any decay or weakened tooth tissue. Following this, your dentist will coat your tooth in a non-toxic and tasteless powder to take a digital 3D image of the tooth.

Through the use of this digital 3D image, CEREC will create the custom-made crown for your tooth. Your dentist will then complete the treatment by fitting and bonding the crown to your tooth and all in the convenience of that single appointment, generally lasting about an hour.

For more information about Computer Aided Restorations speak to our friendly team at North Sydney Dental Practice on (02) 9158 6461, who can answer your questions and organise a consultation.

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